Meet Jacque Starr
Picture of owner
With her classy, refined style of design & color Jacque Starr is one of the definitive designers for your special event.
This journey began years ago before I even knew exactly what to call it.
I have always had a natural gift for "making things pretty" and this was recognized by my friends and family at a young age.
I moved to California and obtained a degree in Fashion and Design.  The trendy cutting-edge culture helped me to refine my skills. 
My friends, family and inner circle would solicit my talents for home hosted events where I was able to showcase my talent. The word of "making events special"  soon spread and created a launching pad for my own business.
My strong passion and talent for making events special led to years of hands-on experience. The knowledge gained from these endeavors has been invaluable.  
In wanting to take my talents to a higher level, I combined the knowledge, passion and vendor relationships I had formed and started my own company. Having my own company gives me the opportunity to use my passion for creativity to the fullest potential.
My gift is in designing unique and beautiful events that capture the dreams and vision of my clients while reflecting their own personal style. It's what makes my job very rewarding and puts a smile on my face. 
I was raised in a small town in North Georgia. I was taught the importance of loyalty, credibility, and trust at an early age. These strong characteristics has help drive my success today.  My production team is hand selected because they must share in my passion, desire, and commitment to create the ultimate experience for my clients.
Call today to set up an appointment for your initial interview and allow yourself the luxury of  planning an event with a caring professional who will handle your event as if it was my own.